Our Mission is to provide an holistic service creating a seamless transition from one lifestyle to another (with the greatest amount of pleasure and the minimum amount of discomfort!).

From the moment you contact us we will do everything in our power make things easier for you, including but not limited to ; finding your property, providing contacts with lawyers, finding the right architect (should you require one), offering a wealth of advice on design and planning, supplying a tried and tested construction company to suit the size of your project,offering a full project management service from plans to house warming party, landscaping and pool installation, full maintenance service for both home and garden, automatic irrigation infrastructures, solar, hydro and wind power systems, internet and TV satellite and communications ….and we go that extra mile, we can help with translation, showing you the best places to shop and even provide access to a full range of wholefoods and products for special diets.

When Steve and I first arrived in Portugal with two kids and two dogs several years ago. We didn’t speak any Portuguese and didn’t know a soul. After a tremendous uphill struggle we bought a piece of land and embarked on planning and building our place in the sun. We grow organically (actually bio dynamically) as much of our food as we can manage having run an organic food distribution service in Britain. Back in the UK Steve was involved in many private and civil construction projects. Over the years in Portugal he has had lots of dealings with local Camaras (councils) regarding planning and construction, found some excellent English speaking architects and lawyers and has lots of reliable and professional contacts in the construction industry.

We live a fairly “green” lifestyle and often come across the word “alternative” to label what we do. However, we think “shades of green” is a more realistic approach to environmental awareness – no one’s perfect and no one wants to ruin the planet so we all try to improve our lifestyles with this in mind. Some people want to live in a tee pee or a yurt others want to live in a castle. It’s up to all of us to find environmentally sound solutions to this challenge so that we can all be happy with where we live and when it’s our time to leave the stage those that follow can feel proud to inherit our achievements.