If you look on a map of Portugal and find Coimbra (about half way between Porto in the North and Lisbon, the capital, to the south) then look a little to the east you will see a mountain range called the Serra da Estrela (the mountains of stars). This fertile basin between the mountains and the sea is our territory. The terrain is typically lush river valleys meandering through wooded hills in which many charming villages are located. The high mountains all around are breathtaking. The rivers Alva and Mondego flowing through the countryside are fantastic places to swim, go boating and generally relax. The region is reminiscent of Britain in the 1950’s in that it has retained the charm and quality of life as it was 50 years ago.

The area is now well served by modern roads, telecommunication and other services. Our particular region has become increasingly cosmopolitan over recent years with many new settlers enjoying the warmth, freedom and space that Portugal has to offer. The fine sandy beaches of the ‘silver coast’ are a sunbathers’ delight and if surfing is your thing then look no further. The area is superb for walking, cycling and horse riding. Historic sites abound, and there are many other types of attractions as well, such as local markets and shops of all sorts including local handicrafts. There is also a huge variety of restaurants, cafes and bars to enjoy and the festas (open street parties) start in May and go on well into the autumn.

The Portuguese government has recently designated Central Portugal as a location for the expansion of tourism and general development.