Alternative living

Alternative living

For those of you interested in finding out about alternative options over here firstly let us say that it is possible to find most of the products (or equivalent ones) that you are used to using in the UK over here.

Environmentally friendly products

Natural materials for clothing, Ecover washing and cleaning products, body care products, whole foods etc. are all available.

Alternative Energy Systems

Needless to say Portugal has more than its fair share of sunshine and is therefore eminently suitable for the installation of solar power systems. Although the initial installation cost can be quite high the energy produced is clean and practically maintenance free for decades (I am using solar power to type this!) We deal with off-grid systems, carefully designed to suit the exact site and energy requirements of the client, professionally installed, tested and guaranteed. Systems for water power (micro turbines and stream engines), wind power, integrated and grid linked systems are also provided.

Provision of water

Whole water systems designed to supply the home, cultivation, landscape or pool – water wherever you want it. Productive boreholes made with guarantees, pumps and associated pipework fitted. DC solar pumping systems fitted to pump water directly via sunlight. Landscapes designed and created incorporating a variety of water features and exotic plantings.

Vegetarian foods

Portugal can be a tough place to be vegetarian but we’ve managed ok. We can certainly offer some useful advice and have lots of vegetarian/vegan contacts over here. Check out places to stay for vegetarians/vegans.