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James Samuel’s

James approached me via email on the recommendation from a previous client and friend of his whose house we had recently renovated. The spec was to rebuild and extend a run down cottage in a rural village so that they could use it for holidays and potential retirement. James was contracted out in Nigeria so could not be present during renovation and could only work over the internet – no problem. Working to the architectural plans that he sent me it took us on and off around nine months to complete.

Indoor work

One of the bathrooms

Ready for finishing touches and tidy up.


The original structure was taken back to what was effectively a stone box and then we excavated and extended the area to about 3 times the size to create their idea of a dream holiday/retirement home.They loved the finished house!

This project for me was a little unusual in the sense that it is the only time that I have done a job completely via the internet without even once meeting the client!

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