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New build near Arganil

I thought I`d share some photos of the 3 bed villa that we constructed near to Arganil.

The house is architect designed with a self contained apartment on the ground floor and total underfloor heating,  The project is  fully licensed and approved by the local council.

The first pics show the start of the laying in of the foundations using steel reinforced concrete subterranean pillars and foundation beams.








Beams and Pillars

…Next we created steel reinforced beams and pillars to make up the framework.

…followed by casting the first floor …


…First fix electrics in before sub floor heating….

….heating in and walls plastered….

…waterproof membrane and granite sills on balconies prior to tiling…..

….view from lounge ready to take glass wall….

…street level walls and pavements….

….driveway entrance….(more to follow)

…Great views


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