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Rene and Haneke’s

House on the hill

Rene and Haneke, a young Dutch couple, approached me regarding a large period property they had recently purchased. We had been recommended to them on price and quality which were both important to them.

They had bought for a good price but realised that purchase was one thing but renovation was another. The bigger the structure the higher the cost – and this structure was very big! Theirs was a race against time, the roof was leaking in several places which had already rotted some of the timbers and gone through to rot holes in the floors below. They were trying not to panic.

We suggested they do the job in phases as and when they could afford. Obviously the most important first step to address was the roof to prevent the spiral of deterioration now occurring.

We ended up taking off the whole of the roof and supporting timebers and rebuilding everything including some of the old period piece facia tiles and finials. They now they have a roof that is rot proof and also fully insulated to prevent the massive heat losses that would have rendered the place very uncomfortable and exremely expensive to live in.

Happy clients!

We are currently converting the whole of the third storey into a very large 2 bedroomed apartment and will gradually work our way down to the ground floor, as and when funds become available, one quality step at a time.

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