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Stuart and Jenny

Situated in the town of Oliveira do Hospital is the cottage of Stuart and Jenny.

This renovation was pretty straightforward. The building had previously been poorly renovated and our job was to basically take it back to its original walls and re build.

We replaced the roof with a fully insulated one using treated Nordic pine timber as supporting joists.

The kitchen was fully insulated on the outside and another brick skin built around it to prevent the `boiling in summer and freezing in winter` syndrome so prevalent in the older buildings over here.

New windows and doors of double glazed anodised aluminium were installed and the basement was dug down, insulated against damp, a new floor installed and tiled and an extra door cut in to provide a separate access to the rear of the property.

The whole building was then extended to double its volume.

Starting to rebuild

Building kitchen

Busy busy….

Getting on towards finishes

Starting to look more like a house

Newly created loft space. gives extra bedroom and office.

Built in wardrobe with chestnut doors.

Guest bathroom

Renewing mains electric connections

Another great job and more happy clients.

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