Project management

We have managed many private and civil construction projects, are fluent in  Portuguese,  and are able to oversee either reconstruction work or new build projects from start to finish either with or without the presence of the client, saving you time, stress and money.

Property maintenance

We provide a reliable and professional service to take care of the general repair work and maintenance of your property keeping it in a good condition, which is especially important if you are considering letting.

Property aftercare 

  • Property management for those who have purchased in Portugal but intend to maintain their primary residence in the UK.
  • Using the wealth of our experience and our local contacts, we can assist by overseeing building or renovation projects mainly, but not exclusively, before clients move in.
  • Help with finding rental properties for those wanting an extended period to get to know the area and for those who wish to visit as tourists.

Landscape Design

We can offer a full landscaping service (design and creation) or assist by providing experienced ground workers and advice.
Fees are negotiable depending on location and nature of the work.



If you decide to buy a plot of land and build (or indeed renovate an existing ruin) you will need a project (plan and planning permission). A good architect is what stands between your dream home and a planning nightmare. The architect will check out all the particulars of your plot and be able to inform you if and what you can or cannot build there. He/she will draw up all the plans and submit them to the camara for approval, kind of similar to outline planning in the UK, a process which normally takes between 2-6 months. Next a technical engineers report is submitted for inspection and once this is approved the license to build is ready to be taken up by an approved construction firm.


Al construction works should be executed by fully licensed and insured contractors to guarantee that there are funds available to put right any possible problems that may arise as work progresses or when the project has been completed.


Generally construction is done in stages outlined in the project or as specified by the constructor who will require staged payments (pre-agreed with the customer) as work progresses. Ideally it is good to be available to keep an eye on progress to ensure things go according to plan, or indeed to make any changes regarding ideas you have as construction takes place. If you will not be present it is a good idea to appoint a project manager to oversee the work as it progresses. This can prove a very cost effective alternative to being there in person.
Generally construction work is “turnkey” with all finishing’s and bathroom suites in place but without kitchen appliances. Other types of agreement can be made with the constructor and separate firms can be sub-contracted in for specific works (usually a cheaper way to construct).


Many people contract in a property maintenance team to routinely monitor, maintain and do any necessary repairwork in order to keep their property in tip top condition (especially important if you rent out your property and look for repeat custom) . It is better to follow the old axiom “a stitch in time saves nine” than spend a fortune on larger repairs later.